Digital Skills by Industry


Below is a list of Digital Skills fact sheets by industry which were designed for Congress and other policymakers to understand why there is an urgent need to invest in upskilling through legislation such as the Digital Equity Act

 I hope you find these useful as you build your career pathway programming. 

Kathy Tracey
Program Manager CoP Moderator


Anita, that is a great idea to use the statistics as a workforce preparation activity. It helps learners practice math skills, critically thinking, and can prompt good discussions about workforce!

Kathy, thanks for sharing the digital skills industry fact sheets that National Skills Coalition recently released! Adult educators might also be interested in our 2020 fact sheet Applying a Racial Equity Lens to Digital Literacy.

Some good news from Congress: The recent infrastructure bill passed by the Senate would invest $2.75 billion over 5 years in funding to states for digital inclusion activities, including digital skills.

This would be a huge win -- saving us from having to spend precious WIOA Title II/AEFLA dollars on digital skills. Next, the House has to vote on the infrastructure bill -- so please make sure to tell your Representative that you support it!