Exploring COVID Changes that Might Stick Around Long Term in the Workforce

In the spirit of Black History Month, I would like to share a quote from one of my favorite authors and speakers, Dr. Maya Angelou:


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”


I think we have all seen many changes occurring during this pandemic and I am hopeful there is going to be "beauty" on the other side. I am curious to hear your thoughts on some of the changes you think will stick around for the long term that could be beautiful for the workforce of the future. 


  • Will the ability to remotely work from home (at least a few days a week) continue for some industries more than others? How might this benefit both employees and employers?
  • Will remote and hybrid teaching be the new norm for adult basic education? If so, how do you think that will help or hinder adults pursuing additional education and training after meeting their adult basic education goals?
  • Will more employers start offering mental health support and "wellness days"?  How could this and other similar benefits affect career pathway decisions for adult learners?



Over on LinkedIn, I shared a workforce report that was released this week. It stated that finance, legal, and information technology (IT) are three industry sectors that showed growth in January, however, industries requiring in-person contact (entertainment, fitness, and retail) saw some of the largest month-to-month drops. 

The ability to have some people work from home could be why industries like finance, legal, and IT are continuing to grow. What workforce skills, short-term trainings, certifications, and credentials might be needed for adults to enter career pathways in finance, legal, or IT industry sectors?

Are you seeing entry-level job postings in these three industry sectors in your local areas?