Have the EFL/NRS descriptors been written in "employer-friendly" terms ?


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Program Management: New Discussion: EFL Levels/NRS Descriptors in Workforce Friendly Terms created by sadkins2009

Good afternoon! We here in West Virginia are gearing up to move to TABE 11/12. One question we have been asked by our Workforce partners is to have the EFL/NRS descriptors in "employer-friendly" terms. Is there such a document out there? Has anyone tackled that question?

Also, here in WV generally Workforce looks for TABE scores on Form 9/Level D scoring at a 9.0 or higher to qualify for certain programs. For those states who have already transitioned to TABE 11/12, what scaled score are your Workforce/American Job Centers using for enrollment decisions for client funding?

Thank you so much for any input or resources you have!