LINCS Monthly Tips: How to Become a Power User

Hi CoP Members,

Welcome to the first LINCS Monthly Tips! Each month, we will provide you with tips on how to use the CoP discussion group features more effectively.  Each tip will include a question you might have about a particular feature and then provide a response. We hope these are helpful.  If you have a question about a discussion group feature, please contact your moderator and we will include it in a LINCS MONTHLY TIPS.


The LINCS Team

August Tips:
  1. Question: How do I use the LINCS Search feature to learn if someone is a member of the LINCS Community, or to read their LINCS profile?
    Response: In the dark blue band at the top of a LINCS Community home page or the discussion group page, you should see a white search window. Type the last name of the member you are looking for. At the top of the page that opens, select the grey  “MEMBERS” option. On the next page that opens, look under "Search Results" and you should see a list of members who match your criteria.
    Alternative:  Go to the Community home page or discussion group page, find the grey menu (second from the top) and click on "Search" (the option to the far right).  The page that opens provides three grey tabs. Click  the “MEMBER LIST” option where you can review all the members by first name or initial of their chosen user name, in alphabetical order. 
  2. Question: How do I invite a colleague who isn't a LINCS member to join the LINCS community?
    Response: In the grey band to the right of the LINCS Community logo (second menu from the top),  click on" MyLINCS" (second option from the left). On the left side of the page that opens you will see your photo, if you've included one in you profile  Near the bottom of the left column under your photo, you will see "INVITE A COLLEAGUE." Enter the person's email address and click on the blue box that says "SEND INVITATION." Your contact will receive an automated message that describes the LINCS Community and invites him or her to join.   

    You can also use the "VIEW YOUR INVITES" (under "SEND INVITATION") to keep track of the individuals you've sent invites to, the date it was sent, and their action, if any.

    You may also chose to follow-up with the person about LINCS by sending a personalized email from your own account, making a phone call, or speaking to them in-person.  Your automated invite simply serves as an easy way for them to join the Community at their convenience.


I just made an invite... remembering that last time I tried to get somebody to join, they couldn't (something was broken along the way).     Here's a screenshot (which I uploaded elsewhere to be sharable) of the results of my attempt this time... Image removed.