LINCS Monthly Tips: September

Hi CoP Members,

Welcome to the September LINCS Monthly Tips! This month we will provide guidance on creating a new post and commenting on existing posts.

If you have a question about a discussion group feature, please contact your moderator and we will include it in a future LINCS Monthly Tips.


The LINCS Team

Question: How do I start a discussion?

Response: Go to the discussion group in which you would like to post a comment or question. Click on "Discussions" in the bar that is on the left side of the page under the group name. This will take you to a list of discussions. Find the blue button "+ Add Discussions" and click it. Fill in the title and the body of your post. Scroll down to "Groups" and make sure the group(s) you want to post to has/have a check next to it. Further down you can create a tag. At the very bottom click preview to make sure your post says what you want it to say. You can edit your post title and body. Once ready click on the "Post" button on the bottom of the page (you can preview an unlimited number of times).

Question: How do I comment on an existing post?

Response: Click on "+ Add new comment" in the gray band under the post. Fill in the subject and comment as explained above. You may choose to create a new subject for your comment or go with the title of the original post. Preview and post.

Note: To create a post or a comment you must have a LINCS account (create one here) and you must be logged in.