May 2019 Community Highlights

We had 10 new members join us in the Career Pathways community in May.  Welcome to these new members!  May was a productive month, and I want to highlight some of what we discussed.

One of our new members, Ellen Baxt, shared a simple introduction to the community,which inspired a great conversation on the integration and adaptation of career exploration activities.  Thank you, Ellen!

There was also a panel discussion on research-based trauma-informed practices, and their impacts on adult education and career pathways.  May also saw new activity in the online course thread for Introduction to Workforce Preparation Activities and Employability Skills

Finally, I shared a report from Strada Education and the Lumina Foundation titled, Certified Value: When do Adults without Degrees Benefit from Earning Certificates and Certifications?   There were over 100 views of this report, which supports the growing evidence that certificates and certifications can serve as a beneficial stand-alone credential.

What did you learn from the LINCS Community this month that has helped you think more about your role as an adult educator, workforce development professional, or industry partner?


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator