Women in Apprenticeships

It's Women's History Month and it seems like a great time to talk about how we can get more women into apprenticeships to make history. 

When helping women explore career pathways, careeronestop offers video overviews of many careers that could include an apprenticeship pathway. The videos show both men and women, so that could be a good start to helping a woman envision becoming an apprentice, but what other ways can we encourage women to explore apprenticeships?

Maybe an even bigger question would be, how can we work with employers to get more women into apprenticeship opportunities? 

I look forward to seeing this community share their thoughts, experiences, and stories about women in apprenticeships!


As agencies all over the United States continue to participate in the Rethink Adult Education Challenge around Pre-Apprenticeships, I wanted to share a resource that may be of interest to any adult education provider that has thought about starting a pre-apprenticeship program. 

Pre-Apprenticeship: Pathways for Women into High-Wage Careers is a guide developed by the US Department of Labor. It mentions the following 5 key components of a quality pre-apprenticeship program:

1. Partnerships

2. Recruitment and Selection

3. Training Curriculum

4. Retention

5. Sustainability 

Which of these components do you feel would be/is the most challenging for your adult education program? 


Hello colleagues, 

Because many women are caregivers, providing access to childcare can be enormously helpful in equipping them to complete pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship programs.

My colleagues Melissa and Katie wrote about one such program in Mississippi, which used Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds to provide childcare for low-income women in a construction apprenticeship program.

Check it out! Broadening the Apprenticeship Pipeline