Work-ready and Work-contextualized Curriculum


In June I received an email message that contained this question: "I'm creating a work-contextualized module for ESL learners of reading, writing, and math skills specifically for a CNA career pathway. Can you suggest some curriculum resources?"  I responded by pointing the teacher to my Work Readiness and Work-Contextualized web page on The Literacy List.

Please take a look at that web page (once you go there, I respond quickly to provide you with access).  If you can suggest other work readiness, or health (or other) work-contextualized ESL/ESOL or basic skills curricula, please email me the web addresses. Although this web page has free or very low-cost options, I am considering adding another web page with proprietary (commercial) curricula.

These and other pages on The Literacy List get better in large part from the recommendations of adult education teachers. For two decades I have provided The Literacy List as a free service to our field to help teachers help each other. I hope that you will send me your curriculum recommendations to consider adding to these pages.  Thank you.

David J. Rosen