COABE Webinar on How to Comment on Proposed NRS policy changes

Hello Program Management colleagues,

The National Reporting System (NRS) and its Table IV reporting tool are familiar to state level adult basic skills education staff and to staff in programs that receive WIOA Title II (AEFLA) funds. The Office of Career Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE) is interested in hearing your comments on these proposed changes. COABE, with the help of former state Director of Adult Basic Education in Texas, Anson Green, put together a great panel discussion offered yesterday that I found informative and helpful. Most important is that State level program management staff and local program managers, representing their organization -- or as individuals -- can respond to the proposed changes. From the webinar slides, you can learn how to do that and get some simple, straightforward ideas about framing your response.

Here are some of the things I learned:

The deadline for comments is September 21st.

You can find the proposed revisions and instructions here:

and the draft tables are here:

Be sure to look at the slides, too,  available here. 

David J. Rosen

LINCS CoP Program Management group