Flex Models Google Group

The Flex Models (HyFlex or BlendFlex mode) Google group is intended for practitioners of adult basic skills (adult basic education, adult secondary education/HSE, all levels of ESL/ESOL, and transition to post-secondary education.) It is a Professional Learning Community or Community of Practice for adult basic skills educators who are planning to use or are now using flex modes. Its purpose is to build a community of those who are learning about, experimenting with, and/or using flex modes. It’s driven by members’ observations, questions, requests for help, aha! experiences, research, and successes that they would like to share with colleagues. Members can also describe and post links to professional development resources that they have found useful for flex modes.

If you are not sure if you are using a flex model, this article in the Adult Literacy Education journal may help you to decide. https://www.proliteracy.org/Portals/0/pdf/Research/ALE%20Journal/ALE_ResearchJournal-v003_02-2021-73_Rosen.pdf

Google groups work best for people who have a gmail or gmail-compatible email address; sometimes they also work with other email addresses; sometimes not. If you have a gmail or known-to-be gmail-compatible email address please use that; If not, you may need to get a (free) gmail address for this purpose.

If you would like to join this Google group, email me at <djrosen123@gmail.com> and let me know what your experience is with BlendFlex or HyFlex modes and what email address you would like me to use for you. 

If you have colleagues who are planning or implementing a flex model who may be interested in joining the Google group, feel free to share this description with them

David J. Rosen



Dear Mr. Rosen,  I have used the Hy Flex model for a year successfully with smaller groups of students. 

I taught a Bridge to Careers class for advanced ESL students and multiple mixed level ESL classes this summer using Hy Flex. I truly believe the success of these classes was in part due to the size being less than 15 students at any one time. I also delivered handouts personally or sent them to individual students' residences to maintain connections and equitable resources in each group.  I am very interested in other instructors' experiences. What worked for them? What did not work well, or presented a challenge? Right now there are only two instructors opting to use Hy Flex, and they have one or two students on zoom with the majority of 15 students in person. I am interested in promoting Hy Flex with evidence based results from other instructors who navigated the tool, responding to specific students' needs.