Free Webinar: THE BASICS 101: Carnegie’s Approach to Educational Improvement

Please join a complimentary webinar, THE BASICS 101: Carnegie’s Approach to Educational Improvement, on August 7 from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. EST..

Carnegie improvement specialists will walk participants through the use of improvement science to help solve problems in education.

Part of Carnegie’s mission is to help others explore the use of continuous improvement processes to solve practical problems in education. Improvement science is an evidence-based systems approach that closes the gap between what we know (the science) and what we do (practice). It has systematically been applied in many other industries to achieve levels of quality and performance never thought possible. These same tools and tenets of improvement science can increase student learning outcomes, improve teacher retention rates, reduce resource inefficiency, address access and equity issues and a host of other problems that we now face in our nation’s colleges and schools.

Sandra Park and Anna Kawar, faculty from Carnegie’s Center for Networked Improvement, will lead this webinar and will be available for a live Q&A following the presentation.

You may register at the following link: