Online Course: Helping Students Stay

Helping Students Stay: Exploring Program and Classroom Persistence Strategies will be starting on October 15. 

When you focus on helping students stay in programs, you address all the ingredients of program quality and effective instruction. Student persistence is, in fact, an indicator of program strength. In this six-week course, you will use the six core “drivers” of persistence, identified in the New England Learner Persistence Project, to organize and review a wide range of successful persistence strategies, and to prioritize the ones that might have the most impact in your own programs.

This course is asynchronous - no need to be online at particular times - and it features class discussion boards, assignments, and feedback from the instructor. The cost is $269 per participant. For more details on this and other courses, or to register, go to  or contact me at 617-385-3740 or . We hope you take this opportunity to register today!

"Perhaps the most useful part of the course is that it sets up a method for teachers to identify what aspect of persistence they most need to (or want to) put attention on. Then they have the opportunity to explore many great resources to help them make a plan for how they are going to address that area. Teachers leave with many ready-to-use strategies." - Cynthia Peters, Instructor