Reboot Your Digital Strategy Training

Hello LINCS Colleagues,

Looking for ideas about how to help your program teach remotely?  Beginning Wednesday July 29 from 3-4:30 PM ET is the first installment of Dr. Mary Gaston's training Reboot Your Digital Strategy.  In this virtual training, participants will learn how their program and students can take advantage of national developments in digital literacy and access. Participants will watch demos of helpful resources, websites, and tools to get teachers, tutors, and students “connected.”  This highly requested online workshop will be offered four times and limited to just 40 participants in each session, so that we can allow for robust participation.

Click HERE to register.  


what other classes has she had? I took the Reboot on Aug. 25 and am trying to get the wakelet and slide deck. Do you know whom/where I would get it?  I was not able to open the link that I screenshot. or how can I contact her directly?