Webinar - Using Data? Here's What Might Surprise You

See the announcement below for information on a free webinar sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education.  The webinar will be held on September 26 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (EDT).

  • Thursday, September 26: Using Data? Here’s What Might Surprise You: Educators hear time and time again that they should be using data in everything they do in schooling: to personalize learning, to help teachers improve, to make instructional decisions, etc. During this webinar, members of the Project 24 panel of experts will give insights into the surprises that they have encountered in their own journeys to better utilize data.

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Gail Cope, SME, LINCS Program Management Group




The webinar is now archived and you can view it via the following link:


Members of the Project 24 panel of experts will gave insights into the surprises that they have encountered in their own journeys to better utilize data. Stephen Lazar, talked about how data revealed some surprising facts—and how things are not always what they seem—in his New York high school. Jennifer Barnett shared some surprising facts about the tools she uses to integrate data into digital learning at her project-based school in Alabama. And Gail Pletnick imparts lessons she learned when her district developed its own integrated data system that includes assessment, teaching resources, and professional development. Gov. Bob Wise moderated the discussion and panelists addressed questions submitted by viewers from across the country.

Please direct questions concerning the webinar to alliance@all4ed.org. If you are unable to watch the webinar live, an archived version will be available at http://all4ed.org/webinars-events/ within one business day after the event airs.


Gail Cope, SME, LINCS Program Management