Adult Literacy Program Closings

Hello Program Management Colleagues,

Over the past several months I have noticed an increasing number of adult basic skills program closings from across the country. These tend to be adult basic literacy programs that may or may not also offer ABE, pre-HSE or Adult Secondary Education services. For example the North Challenge Center in Orangeburg, South Carolina, has for three decades offered adult basic literacy services but is closing now.

This trend means that adults who need basic reading, writing, numeracy and digital literacy skills for many reasons, including to get and keep jobs, may no longer be able to do so. This means they will likely be left behind when the post-pandemic economy is focused on re-building.

Are you seeing this adult  basic skills program closing trend in your community? Is this of concern and, if so, why?

Daviud J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS Community Program Management group