Are you offering non-degree credentials?


I invite you to review the article Louisiana becomes fourth state to adopt National Skills Coalition’s criteria on quality non-degree credentials. Non-degree credentials are defined 

Certificates are credentials awarded by an education institution based on completion of all requirements for a program of study, including coursework and tests. They are not time limited and do not need to be renewed.

Apprenticeship certificates are credentials earned through work-based learning and postsecondary earn-and-learn models. They are applicable to industry trades and professions.

Registered apprenticeship certificates meet national standards. Industry certifications are credentials awarded by a certification body (not a school or government agency) based on an individual demonstrating, through an examination process, that he or she has acquired the designated knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform a specific occupation or skill. 

Licenses are credentials that permit the holder to practice in a specified field. An occupational license is awarded by a government licensing agency based on pre-determined criteria. 

I'd love to learn more about your non-degree credentials?  How do they fit into your IET offerings?

Kathy Tracey