ChatGPT and AI in the classroom: The conversation continues.


In case you missed our engaging discussion on AI and ChatGPT, a few of the highlights are shared.

  • A member from the Ohio Professional Development Network used multiple AI platforms to generate sample lesson plans on the same specific topic to have teachers analyze and evaluate to help them learn to develop contextualized lessons.
  • ChatGPT is used to create social media posts, voicemail messages, and video titles for our convocation video. It is suggested to complete a spell/grammar/word check. 
  • A participant used ChatGPT to generate a framework for a digital skills ability rubric based on Bloom's taxonomy.  It established a great skeleton that I was able to flesh out desired information.
  • If the assignment can be done by Chat GPT then perhaps the assignment needs to be changed.  We certainly do instruction where we don't allow calculators as we want learners to work on their arithmetic. But as handheld calculators became affordable they became a required tool to assist learners at higher levels of math.  We changed the assignments so the tool supporters learners getting further in their learning.   Choosing when to bring Chat GPT into class work is important but will require changing the designs of our assignments and classwork.

A participant asked evidence-based instruction is important. But how do we balance exploration and experimentation with the limited funding and consequent limited availability of research in adult ed?

Cautions for AI and ChatGPT 

  • Realize Chat GPT's limitations on accuracy
  • It is important for learners to learn how to use AI — especially chatbots effectively. 
  • Social media is a huge culprit as well so what's really important is teaching data privacy in general.
  • Plagiarism and data privacy and security are real issues, but Chat GPT is not the only way these comes into our world. In fact, our data has been gathered by many other entities and might well be part of the learning data sets used to develop Chat GPT. 

How do we talk about data privacy with each? 

A few of the resources shared: 

Consider sharing your thoughts about the pros and the cautions with AI. 

Kathy Tracey