Equity in CTE & STEM Root Causes and Strategies : A NAPE Resource


I invite you to review Equity in CTE & STEM Root Causes and Strategies. This resource provides information about how educators can be intentional about removing systemic barriers to create equitable systems and remove barriers for BIPOC; individuals from low-income backgrounds; and individuals with disabilities to fully engage in CTE/STEM opportunities.   

After reviewing this resource, I inivte you to share some action steps you can take at your institution to move toward equitable programming. 

Kathy Tracey



On this thread, I will continue to share relevant research as it relates to equity in education. Check out the new report Strategies for Improving Credential Attainment for Black, Hispanic, and Native American Adults

I am particularly interested in the second study on scaffolding support services. From the report, 

A growing consensus holds that good advising and support services—which may encompass a wide range of support—can help students complete a college credential.48 For example, academic advising helps students select and stay on a program pathway that aligns with their longer-term goals.49 And academic supports such as tutoring or writing centers help students pass courses through direct help with course material.50 Ideally, support services also help students address nonacademic challenges that may interfere with their ability to succeed in college, such as food and housing insecurity and transportation and childcare needs.

What do you think? How do you scaffold supports? 

I'm looking forward to the discussion.