Innovation: With your help, the conversation continues...


Our conversation on Promoting Innovation in Adult Education contiues here where we can consider some of the innovative and promising practices implemented by Adult Education and Family Literacy Act local programs, as identified through the U.S. Department of Education Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education’s Advancing Innovation in Adult Education program.

Starting the conversation, we defined innovation:

  • being creative, finding creative solutions to problems or concerns.
  • trying new ideas and being open to change.
  • new and creative approaches to solving problems
  • being creative whether it is reevaluating the old or introducing some thing new
  • it’s like Plan, plan and then think on your feet.  
  • is adapting to the ever changing landscape
  • creating spaces for adult literacy 
  • A willingness to try something new without fear of failure-but an approach of what can I learn from this if I try it...
    • The fear is not really of the failure. It is the fear of the consequences of failure that gives one the most pause.

We were also reminded to consider the ethical and social implications with innovation. 

Share your definition of innovation

I'm looking forward to the continued discussion.