My role as a LINCS Moderator coming to an end

Hello LINCS colleagues,

I want to let you know that I will not be continuing in my role as moderator of the LINCS Integrating Technology and Program Management groups after January 2021. I have enjoyed the opportunity over the past several years to work with extremely talented, knowledgeable and committed LINCS moderators, the staff of MSG, Civic Actions, and more recently Maher and Maher, and AIR. I have especially enjoyed the engaging and important discussions that moderators have launched and supported, and some of the micro-groups that we created that resulted in useful products for LINCS members as part of our broader professional development efforts. I also appreciate more recent LINCS efforts such as informal coffee break webinars. Most of all, I have enjoyed the great participation of LINCS members in our discussions. Some of you have been very thoughtful contributors; your questions, comments, and introduction of new topics has made the LINCS Community of Practice groups work. I want to thank you, and let you know how much I appreciate what I have learned from you. 

This has been a difficult decision for me. I have several other projects, some as a paid contractor, advisor or consultant, and others as a volunteer. They are all of great interest to me, but I find that each has become more demanding, often because of the challenges of the pandemic, so I have had to make some difficult decisions; this is one of them.  For those who may be applying to be moderator of one or both of these two groups, my email is below; if I can, I would be glad to answer your questions.

I have been a LINCS member since 1994, when LINCS was the inspiration of Jaleh Behroozi Sorui, then at the National Institute for Literacy; I helped in creating LINCS then, and later became one of its first community group moderators. I was delighted to be able to rejoin LINCS as a moderator in early 2015, and I will be pleased to be able to continue to benefit from LINCS, as a member in its many good discussions whether synchronous or asynchronous. I look forward to seeing LINCS grow, and have an even greater impact on the professional development of the adult foundational skills field. I especially look forward to seeing what ideas and energy the new moderator(s) of the Program Management and Integrating Technology groups will bring to the LINCS Community in the coming years.

All the best,

David J. Rosen