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Wonderopolis now features Microsoft's Immersive Reader

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Posted in August 10, 2013. Lively  replies in 2013 New reply on November 4,           2019 points out that Wonderopolis now has a new free feature that will be of special interest to programs that serve immigrants: Immersive Reader, “an accessibility tool. With the Immersive Reader, users can adjust the text size, listen to the text read aloud (and change the rate of speech), view word translations (sometimes with picture dictionary) or full text translations into other languages, and more”  It also points to a blog article about how this and another free translation program are used at  two-generation (family) Briya adult public charter school in D.C.

Webinars that Work!

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Online Learning Environments (platforms) and free or Inexpensive Online Resources for Blended Learning for Adults 

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This discussion focuses on how teachers and administrators can get started with blended learning, or how they can improve their blended learning practice.

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