Program proposal data to establish need for adult basic skills or program effectiveness

Hello Program Management Colleagues,

What do you use in your funding proposals as local, state or national data to describe the adult basic skills need, or the effectiveness of your adult basic skills program or school?
Do you use the latest (2017-2018) OCTAE WIOA Title II national or state Reports to Congress? If so, how.
Do you use PIAAC Survey of Adult Skills (SAS) data? If so, how? (Do you know that probably in April the PIAAC synthetic state and county data will be released that will show the literacy and numeracy needs of adults in your state, statewide, and by county? (Let me know if you would like more information about that.
Do you use Census data for your state, county, or city/town? If so, how?
What kinds of data do you use to demonstrate your program effectiveness?
David J. Rosen
Adult basic skills advocate


In Arizona this time around, we are directed to give specific data from NRS Table 4 or 5 for demonstrated effectiveness.  As for need, we must use data for each type of student we intend to serve, and of course cite the source.  We are using a new online interface in the grants management software and it limits each field to a number of characters (not words).  Some as few as 1,000.  Others as "large" as 3,000.  In most cases it has limited our responses and caused us to become extremely careful in our wording.  So, in every case, one statement of data, one source per group of students to be served. Then we run out of space.  It has been an interesting process.

Hello Julie, and others,

Julie wrote, "In Arizona this time around, we are directed to give specific data from NRS Table 4 or 5 for demonstrated effectiveness."

For those who many not get WIOA Title II AEFLA funding, Julie is referring to the National Reporting System tables. Programs and schools that get AEFLA funding are required to report using these tables.

Julie, and others here, can you share what sources you use to establish needs data?

Others, how do you demonstrate program performance data? Do you use NRS tables, and/or something else? For example, if you get United Way or other charitable funding what kinds of data do you collect and report?



David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management group