Providing Quality Feedback for Staff


We are getting close to the time of year when we focus on annual employee evaluations. I'd like to have a discussion on how we provide feedback and frame constructive criticism.  

Recently, I learned about the ST/A/R process for feedback. 

  • S T = the situation and the task. 
  • A = Action 
  • R = result. 

So an effective feedback strategy is addressing the ST (the what and the why).  Linking the action and the result is What you did, why it was good. This is a great positive feedback loop. 

Another strategy for constructive feedback is the ST/AA/R 

  • ST = the sutation and the taks. 
  • A = the action 
  • A = what a different approach for the next time the situation arrises 
  • R = desired result.

I'd love ot hear about the strategies you use to provide positive feedback and constructive criticism. 

Kathy Tracey