Summary of March discussions in the Program Management group

Hello Program Management colleagues,

In March we had 1024 members of this group and there were three substantial discussions.

1. Preparing for and offering adult basic skills online during the pandemic

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This is a long-running, continuing discussion of how teachers and tutors are moving instruction entirely online/remotely/at a distance during the pandemic in which all classroom doors have been shut and teaching can only take place online.  It begins with teachers describing their learning curves in moving classes online and evolves to an in depth discussion of teaching online.

2. How Literacy Partners of NYC, a two-generation family literacy program, is moving classes online

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This was a two-day discussion with invited guest Anthony Tassi, CEO of Literacy Partners in New York City. We discussed how they awre moving their instruction online also the development and use of the free online video series for immigrants learning English that Anthony helped produce, We Are New York and We Speak NYC

3. Adult Basic Skills Programs and Public Library Partnerships

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David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management group