TABE 11 12 Panic! ??

We are used to giving TABE to all levels (E, M, D, and A) in the same room, at the same time as the directions and timing were idenical for all levels, and for TABE Online there was no script so all students could be testing, same room, same time on different levels.

Now with TABE 11, 12 that has all changed. The timing, the scripts, and the sample problems are different for each level so after the locator, students must be separated for testing on levels. Perhaps all level E math come take that on Tuesday at 8, Level M math come take that on Tuesday at 11...(or put in a different room with another test administrator.)


I have not heard the panic yet.  Am I missing something, or is everyone too busy with other things like RFP to have noticed this.


The logistics, and expenses for testing staff will be great.  Add to this, that teachers are not to administer the test any longer.


Someone help!  What solutions do you see, or will this just change the way adult programs work?



Link to TABE 11-12 Test Administration Manuals, (downloaded from DRC Insight) 


Brett, thanks for raising this question. I also am interested in how programs that use the TABE  are responding to this change in TABE 11 12.  I hope that program managers here will respond, sharing their perspectives, ranging from "panic" to "no problem" and what solutions they have found.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management group


After a conversation just now with DRC, there are going to be changes to the test directions, scripts and timing.  Keep your fingers crossed that common sense will prevail and we will have a reliable test that CAN actually be used in adult ed without causing chaos to schedules and budgets.