Update: Online Adult Ed Live Sessions

"We" have been providing about 20 hour longish sessions for adult ed students during the last 6 months.  "We" are a group of adult ed teachers located in various parts of Florida and South Carolina. 

We use Blackboard Collaborate(BBC) for synchronous instruction. The license is provided by one of the Florida districts.

I have been involved with this under the direction of Kim Gates in Florida for over 10 years, but it is really picking up now.  We have 5 or 6 teachers who each host sessions that last about an hour and each covers a different subject.  In all there are around 20 classes each week.  Each math class I teach I have around 10 students.

If you would like to sit in and observe sometime, you would be more than welcome.  If you wish to share this with your students or community you are welcome to. If you would like to try doing a lesson, you are welcome, too.  It does not matter where you and your students are located.

We are a free online live adult education opportunity.

Anyways, best wishes.

Brett Taylor


803-230-1069 (cell, ok to text but I seldom answer unkown calls, but feel free to leave a message, or text me.)


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