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Welcome to the Program Management group in the LINCS Community! 

Use this space to meet your colleagues and discuss, learn, and share with each other. Please post an introduction about yourself in response to this thread and let everyone know what you would like to gain from your experience in our group.  Also, feel free to post any questions or discussion topics you'd like to engage in exploring with your colleagues.  Remember to check out the redesigned LINCS website resources at http://lincs.ed.gov

Looking forward to the discussions...

Michelle Carson


As a project director for the U.S. Division of World Education, I coordinate the online professional development initiative, managing the development and delivery of courses for adult educators.  We offer courses on the topics of college and career readiness, adult student persistence, differentiated instruction, and reading through ProfessionalStudiesAE.  

I also co-direct the LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center, promoting and disseminating evidence-based resources and training materials, and partnering with states to provide evidence-based professional development.  

I have worked in adult literacy since 1980, serving as an instructor and local program director, state consultant, program development director, training coordinator, and state outreach coordinator.  As you can guess, program management was an integral part of several of these roles.  I worked on quality indicators and program standards in my state and national roles.

Recently, I’ve been thinking that we have lost sight of the need to improve the infrastructure of our adult education/literacy programs so that we can better support instructors/tutors who are providing the instruction. What are some quick wins? Managed enrollment? Leveled classes? Full-time employment? Policy manuals? Program-based or job-embedded professional development?

Hi, everyone,

My name is Margaret, and I am a Senior Researcher with Research Allies for Lifelong Learning in Vienna, Virginia. We specialize in applying research to support adult educators and learners. I'm also a former adult education administrator at the program and state levels. In this community I'm eager to hear your views on program management, especially issues related to recruitment and participation. Also I will be glad to share some recent research with the group. Looking forward to the conversations,