What does the K-shaped economic recovery look like?


I'd love to discuss how you are developing Integrated Education and Training Programs at the local level. Check out this graphic from the United States Chamber of Commerce that introduces a new term in economic recovery. 

An image showing the economic recovery shaped like a K with some industries recovering faster than others.
Image Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Economic depressions are usually felt in every industry equally, and during a recovery, all industries recover at the same pace.  Yet the recovery from the pandemic has not been equal, and the current theory is that there are pre-existing social and economic inequities causing the uneven recovery.

A more concerning issue about K-shaped recovery is that the economy and workforce remain splintered, deepening the social and economic inequities.

I invite you to discuss the following:   

How can our IET programs lesson these inequities?  and,

How does this K-Shaped recovery define IET programs at the local level? 

I look forward to your insights and ideas.  

Kathy Tracey