What's all the buzz about ChatGPT?


Over the last few months, everyone has been talking about ChatGPT. Another perspective can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_m59nMWny4. 

  • How does the use of Artificial Intelligence impact our work-based training? 
  • How does the use of Artificial Intelligence impact education? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

 Kathy Tracey



Everyone seems to be excited about ChatGPT and the power of AI, what happens to the knowledge economy when AI expands into white collar jobs? Check out AI Is About to Spark a Radical Shift in White Collar Work. But There's Still 'Plenty of Work for People to Do'

That optimism may come as cold comfort for the artisans of 2020: the millions of paralegals, human resource managers, IT professionals and other knowledge industry workers whose positions are prime targets for a new wave of automation. McKinsey predicts across-the-board cuts in such fields over the next decade. Some fields, like office financial support personnel, are likely to lose more than one in four positions.

What does this mean for us as we prepare learners for a technology rich work environment? And what challenges does AI bring to our profession? 

I look forward to your thoughts. 


I've been following the revolution in Artificial Intelligence. I invite you to review the following articles: 

Bringing the conversations together, let's discuss the impact of AI in education? We now live in a fully integrated society, with no boundaries between our daily lives and use of technology. In a technology rich ecosystem that is to be functional, every element needs to be connected, and it appears we are there....  

Or are we? And is this a good thing? How does this impact Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access? 

Chime in! I'd love to hear your thoughts.