Future Finder Challenge Update

What is the Future Finder Challenge?

Career navigation systems help learners discover opportunities and plan for the future — and digital tools play an important role in supporting that journey. There are many digital career navigation tools on the market today, demonstrating the important role technology can play in supporting career navigation systems. But few existing tools are designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. 

The U.S. Department of Education invites innovators — including strategists, developers, user-centered designers, and educators — to submit prototypes and accompanying proposals for digital tools that will improve the career navigation experience for adult learners.


Where stage of the Challenge are we in now?

We are currently in the Stage 1 panel review phase.  After the review is complete, up to five finalists will receive at least $50,000 each and an invitation to join the Stage 2 accelerator.


What does the rest of the Challenge timeline look like?                                                                                     



Who is judging the Challenge?