Graphics organizer application to vocabulary instruction


Hope that you will be able to participate in this planned webinar.

August 20, 2014 at 3 p.m. EDT – The LINCS Community Reading and Writing and Disabilities in Adult Education groups will co-host a webinar on Integrating Graphic Organizers into Reading Vocabulary Instruction. This event will provide an integrated, coherent overview of the graphic organizer and its application in teaching reading vocabulary. Before the event, be sure to check out the featured resource from the LINCS Resource Collection: Graphic Organizers: Power Tools for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities. You can also learn more about what graphic organizers are and how your peers in the field have utilized them in this previous discussion thread.

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The presenter is Patty Graner, who directs the professional development network for the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. I recruited Patty for this task because of her contributions to our previous research and professional development projects with adolescent and adult learners in the Job Corps settings.

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Hi all.

Thanks for posting this announcement, Daryl.  I am excited about the topic. The link to the original post on Graphic Organizers ( ) started by Aaron Kohring resulted in some interesting discussion.  

In addition to the webinar, there will be a follow-up discussion within our group.  If you want to get announcements of messages in real time as they are posted, you can change your subscription to by going to "My LINCS" under Email Subscription and changing it to "Immediate."

If you are interested in attending the webinar, make sure to register at


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I thought as a preview of our planned webinar many of you may be familiar with some of the teaching routines that instructors use for developing specific learner skills such as comparison and contrast or concept mastery. Patty's webinar will focus on application of the LINCing routine to develop learners' working vocabulary. This routine is applicable to individual learner and class instruction. Certainly as a class instructional technique, the instructor can achieve greater efficiency and learners have the benefit of a cooperative, social learning opportunity.

Hope that you can join the activity on the 20th. Don't forget to register!

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Hello all,

I have been reading on the LINCS site. I was happy to see to the Ed Ellis authored article on the site : With his permission, I will be sharing two of Ellis' tools developed through the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) work. The irony of LINCS the community and LINCS the tools is not lost on me! I look forward to communicating with you on Wednesday, August 20. I hope you can make it!