July is Disability Pride Month!

Disability is a part of the rich tapestry of human diversity, and something that nearly all of us will experience at some point in our lives. It’s also a significant identity that defines how we experience the world. Yet people with disabilities have been marginalized and misunderstood for generations.

All disabilities and their intersecting identities should be acknowledged, valued, and respected, and one opportunity to do that is during Disability Pride Month. Learn more on the pages below:

Why and How to Celebrate Disability Pride Month 2023

Virtual Bookshelf: Disability Pride Month



While prepping for  7/18 Coffee Talk: Summertime U.S. Citizenship Activities, I found some coloring pages and activities that can involve both parents and children in Disability Awareness:

Crayola: July 14 is Disability Awareness Day / Not All Disabilities are Visible 

Crayola: more Disability awareness coloring pages

Defense Culture: October is National Disability Awareness Month activity book pdf | more resources

Printable Free Coloring:  Disable Person coloring pages (collection)

Teaching Awareness: 30 Inspiring Activities To Promote Disability Awareness

There are many great content creators on youtube that post disability-related content.  Some are doctors, psychiatrists, researchers, and others are individuals sharing their experiences.  I've found them to be very helpful as an instructor. 

There are too many creators to name -I'd recommend searching the disability you are trying to learn about, plus the word "vlog" if you are trying to find videos about someone's personal experiences.  [The channels that I have found to be the most useful for my classroom are Russell Barkley, PhD (adhd research), Dr Tracey Marks (psychiatrist-multiple areas) and How to ADHD.]