National Disability Institute's Hands on Banking Quick Reference Guides

National Disability Institute (NDI), in collaboration with Wells Fargo Hands on Banking®, has released two sets of financial education materials that provide disability specific information for educators who provide services to people who have disabilities.

The reference guides provide information and resources for individuals with disabilities who may experience barriers related to employment, medical benefits, transportation, money management, home ownership and other issues as they take steps toward financial well-being and self-sufficiency. The disability supplemental guides cover disability sensitivity and information for educators and instructors of adults, young adults and entrepreneurs with disabilities. Topics include employment, work supports, money management, protected savings and other items relevant to developing financial capability. Numerous tips, tools, resources and links to Hands on Banking are also provided.

In 2016, NDI and Wells Fargo created the Integrating Financial Education Programs into the American Job Centers and Community-based Organizations Toolkit which features six steps towards integrating financial education into existing workforce evelopment and community-based programs. The Toolkit serves as a guide to integrating financial education within American Job Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation and community-based organizations that provide services to people with disabilities and their family members.