November 2019 Community Highlights

November was a busy month in the Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Community!  We hosted a discussion on the Digital Equity Podcast, which had a lot of member participation!  You can also read the summary of the event, if you missed it.  

November also saw several members taking courses through the Learning Portal, and sharing comments with the community.  Below are the courses that saw members engaging with the materials and sharing in the community.

Learning to Achieve: Definitions of Learning Disabilities (1.5 hours): In this self-paced course, participants learn about the This course describes and explains a consensus definition of learning disabilities and its application and identifies some behaviors that indicate an individual may have a learning disability. It also explains how controversy and debate may affect adult service providers.

Learning to Achieve: Accommodations (1 hour): In this self-paced module, participants learn about testing and instructional accommodations appropriate for individuals with learning disabilities.

Learning to Achieve: Legal Issues, Self-Disclosure, and Confidentiality (1 hour):  In this self-paced course, participants learn about This course identifies the legal, self-disclosure, and confidentiality issues that are relevant to service providers working with adults with learning disabilities. It also discusses the possible implications for service delivery when a student discloses a learning disability.

We also learned how to add an image to your posts, from the LINCS Monthly Tip.  It's easy - go to  https://postimages.orgClick on “Choose images” and upload the photo you want to add to your post. Copy the url next to Link:. Paste the image into your post.