October 2019 Community Highlights

October was National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  It was also Dyslexia Awareness Month, and we learned about 10 myths around this disability.  We also learned about the U.S. Department of Labor's Disability and Employment eLearning Task Force.  We also saw more LINCS member comments about the Online Course: Learning to Achieve Legal Issues, Self-Disclosure, and Confidentiality for Adults with Learning Disabilities.  If you're new to LINCS, or not yet familiar with the Learning Portal, I encourage you to check out the Learning to Achieve courses.  These are excellent resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of instructional practices to support struggling learners, and those with learning disabilities.

Finally, we've been preparing for a panel discussion on November 5th and 6th around a podcast on digital equity.   It's not too late to listen to this short, and engaging podcast and join us for a conversation with two national organizations supporting digital access and inclusion for all adult learners.  


Mike Cruse

Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Moderator