Ticket to Work Webinars and Tutorials

Adults with disabilities and their instructors may be interested in learning more about the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Ticket to Work, which provides "access to employment support services for Social Security Disability beneficiaries who want to work".     

SSA offers two online resources for learning more about the Ticket to Work:  

WISE Webinars

WISE webinars are live, free and accessible online events for those interested in learning about Ticket to Work, Work Incentives and other disability employment related topics. Social Security and disability employment experts will be available to answer your questions. WISE webinars are hosted on the fourth Wednesday of each month.    

Ticket to Work Tutorials

Learn more about the Ticket to Work program through these self-paced Ticket to Work Tutorials. Whether you are just considering working, ready to find a service provider to help you, are looking for a job, or already working and want to keep on the road to financial independence, these four interactive learning modules will equip you with the knowledge you need to achieve your work goals. 


Mike Cruse  


Disabilities in Adult Education Moderator