Workforce GPS: Saluting Our Veterans with Disabilities

This month we celebrate Veterans Day and we recognize our Veterans with disabilities. In 2016, approximately 2.3 million individuals had a service-connected disability, which is nearly a quarter of working-age civilian Veterans (ages 21 to 64). A “service-connected” disability is a result of disease or injury incurred or aggravated during military service. To support our Veterans with disabilities and their families, these federal resources are being shared to help increase awareness.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a federal agency that provides services to eligible veterans and family members. This includes vocational rehabilitation and disability benefits amongst a wide variety of services. Within the Department of Labor (DOL), the VETS office is focused on helping veterans, service members and spouses find good jobs.

Local / State Locator

1.  VA Facility Locator – Find VA facilities and services closest to your location by entering ZIP code and other requested services.

2.  VETERANS.GOV – Scroll to map to find resources in your state. In addition, this is a DOL employment resource page broken out by 1) Find a Job; 2) Start Your Own Business; 3) Hire Veterans; 4) VA Benefits and Information; 5) Military Spouses.

3.  VETS Regional Offices Track down VETS offices in your state across the six DOL regions. The DOL VETS office provide services to help prepare America’s veterans, service members and their spouses by providing employment resources, protecting employment rights, and promoting employment opportunities.

Veteran Disability and Employment Services

4.  Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services (VR&E) – For service members and Veterans with a service-connected disability that limits or prevents one’s ability to work, the VR&E program can help. Resource link to assess eligibility requirements and how to apply for VR&E benefits and services to get employment support or help living more independently. Family members may also be eligible for certain VR&E benefits such as career and educational counseling.

5.  Employer Guide to Hire Veterans – Employer Toolkit developed by DOL VETS to help support employers seeking to recruit and hire our Veterans.

6.  My Next Move – Resource link where Veterans can use a simple and quick search engine to enter their prior military experience and access resources they need to explore information on civilian careers and related training.

Veteran Disability Benefits

7.  VA Disability Benefits – Resource link to apply for disability benefits. Even when a condition doesn’t appear until years after one’s military service ends, if it resulted from an injury or illness that happened during active military service called “service connected”, the individual may qualify for monthly VA disability payments.