11/19/20: Today is Equal Opportunity Day

Today is Equal Opportunity Day.  This observation was reported by the New York Times on November 16,1959. Below is an excerpt from the NYT.

The combined strength of government, industry and labor is focused on the importance of Equal Opportunity Day, Nov. 19, an annual national observance dedicated to a basic democratic belief in the equality of opportunity for all our citizens. The primary intention of the observance is to direct national attention to the established American idea of giving a decent and fair chance to all men and women in the "race of life." 

In recognition of Equal Opportunity Day, I want to share some high quality resources that can be used talk about equity and equal opportunity with learners.

Strategies for an Equal Education: Lesson Plan 


The Change Agent


Teaching Tolerance 


Anti-Defamation League 


National Education Association


What other resources have you used to spotlight the American value of equal opportunity with learners in different adult education programs and classes?  


Mike Cruse

Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Moderator