Introductions of New Group Users

Hi to all,

I noticed some new responders during the recent group discussion. To those and to all others who have not introduced themselves since we opened this new Community of Practice almost one year ago in September 2012, please respond to this discussion strand by introducing yourself.  Tell us what your objectives/interests were in joining our specific group.

Rochelle Kenyon, Subject Matter Expert (SME)


I have been following this discussion for some time and have found so much of it informative and supportive. I am Lauri DiGalbo, the Disability Coordinator for Adult Ed in CT. In this position I do a great deal of training around learning strateigies for students with a variety of disabilites[ cognitve, emotional and physical],  ; universal design for learning as applied to adult learners is my favorite as it not only gives our students with disabilities many ways to learn, it also helps all students to recognize their learning strengths. Finally I do individual consultation with all the state and contracted adult ed programs in Ct when any of them have a dilemma around a specific student...sometimes this leads to conversations concerning professional boundaries between teachers andstudents...very intersting!


Anyway I look forward to interacting with you all asthediscussions progress.

Hi Laura,

I am glad that you introduced yourself.  Your position sounds very interesting.

I am eager to start a new discussion on something related to "Learning Strategies," one of your training topics.  Would you like to start if off??  If so, just click on the 'new discussion' button and come up with a unique subject line to introduce your topic.

I look forward to learning more about this topic.


Rochelle Kenyon, SME 

Hi Robin: I'd be delighted to begin a discussion around learning strategies. I begin a workshop for new adult educators Ct in just a few weeks so this timely. But[ how embarrassing] I can't find the "new discussion" button. If this lapse of ability on my part doesn't send you fleeing from the room, can you help me out?? Lauri

Hi Laura, Thanks for accepting my invitation to begin a discussion on Learning Strategies.  To begin the discussion, once you are logged in, go to the "discussions" tag and click on it.  That will take you to > On that page under the tags "home," "discussions," "bulletins," "documents," and "events, "you will see the section labeled, "Join the Conversation."  Under that, you will see a blue box with white print labeled "Create a new discussion."  To begin a new discussion, you click on that and you will get a template to use for the discussion.  You have to complete the "Title" line, which is actually the topic/subject.  You also have to fill in the "Tags" line, which is actually for key words.  The "Body" section is where you write your message. Rochelle Kenyon, SME


My name is Beth Ann Crippen I am beginning my first full year as an ABE instructor.  I have been following various discussions; but I am not sure about how to or when to respond.  I taught the last 2 months of a program, but could recognize some learning differences and difficulties among my students.

This summer I have worked on the "How to Learn Math" course and I am interested in encouraging a growth mindset as well as giving students some adaptive or alternative learning strategies.

Beth Ann,

Welcome to the Learning to Achieve community. We are delighted that you found the Math module helpful. What is your experience with Learning to Achieve?

HI: Thanks so much for the tutleage!! I am working out of the country  until next week but will begin the discussion then. I've done some revamping of the learning strategies curriculum for this year's preservice workshops  for adult educators and am anxious to get feedback and new thoughts.

I am Adult Educator for a domestic violence shelter.  That means I have a wide variety of clients from English language learners to college graduates.  Some of my clients have disabilities or have sustained brain injuries through domestic abuse.  Anything more I can learn to further help these clients will be a boon to me.