I had the opportunity to present the Learning to Achieve module on self-determination recently. We had a robust discussion on ways to help students set goals and monitor their progress. The Adult Learners Goals Tool (available on-line) presents a range of ways to do this. Participants in the presentation shared how they work with learners to set and monitor goals. Let's explore goal setting. What are ways instructors and tutors can intentionally include goal setting and monitoring? 


 Goal Setting is an ongoing process for students. Wouldn't it be great if each classroom or tutoring experience began with a quick journal reflection where students evaluated their initial goals, determined the action steps they took to meet those goals, identified areas where they needed to improve - or even reevaluate the goals and then started class? 

Then, ideally,  at the end of either their class or tutoring session, they connected the dots between what they did in class and how it connects to their goals? This is how I approached my classroom.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Kathy Tracey