September 2019 Community Highlights

September saw a return from summer break for many learners and educators.  We hosted guest panelist, Dr. Alice Huguet, one of the principal researchers behind the RAND Corporation's Exploring Media Literacy Education as a Tool for Mitigating Truth Decay.  Our discussion not only looked at Media Literacy Education (MLE) research and best practices, it also discussed how the PIAAC Literacy Framework can be used to support MLE in authentic contexts. While we only scratched the surface of MLE in this discussion, I hope that the summary will continue to keep MLE in your mind as you plan out your curriculum for the new academic year.

Member and moderator, Jeri Gue, shared information from the National Center for Learning Disabilities on National Voter Registration Day (Sept 24), and steps to educate and empower learners with disabilities to fully participate in our democratic process.  Member Daphne Greenberg also shared the publication of the Wiley Handbook of Adult Literacy, and an October webinar with some of the chapter authors of this publication

There is a lot more in store for the October, which many already know is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  I encourage you to add your voice to the 1,107 members in this community.  What are you waiting for?  Add to the conversation today!


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator