September is Deaf Awareness Month

September is National Deaf Awareness Month.  WorkforceGPS is featuring Workplace Resources for the Deaf on its site to increase awareness of the employment gap between individuals who are deaf and those who are hearing. These resources present accommodation solutions that enhance communication with individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing in the workplace.

The employment gap between deaf and hearing people in the United States is a significant area of concern. In 2017, only 53.3% of deaf people were employed, compared to 75.8% of hearing people. This is an employment gap of 22.5%.

Want to learn more how you can support deaf and hard of hearing adults?  Take a look at these workplace resources for the deaf

Do you have experience working with learners with hearing disabilities?  What has worked in helping them to be successful in the classroom and workplace?

Mike Cruse

Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Moderator