Student Planning for 2021

As we wind down 2020, I want share a resource from the ARC's Center for Future Planning.  The Build Your Plan tool helps people with disabilities think about and plan for their future. The interests, preferences, and skills of the person are the main focus. Planning for the future is important for everyone, and is an ongoing process. The ARC's free, online tool guides you through important topics, including:

  • Expressing wishes for the future in writing
  • Deciding where to live and how much support is needed
  • Paying for basic and other needs
  • Getting a job and other daily activities
  • Making daily and major life decisions
  • Making friends and having good relationships

A person-centered future plan reflects on where the individual is coming from, and offers a roadmap for their desired future goals.  The ARC's Build Your Plan tool can be used with learners from a diversity of backgrounds to plan for their futures.  

What other tools and resources have you found useful for future planning with learners with disabilities, or other challenges?  You're invited to share them here, along with stories of how these tools have helped the learners you work with in your program.

Mike Cruse

Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Moderator