What does Harnessing Technology look like for Disabilities in Education?

Disabilities in Education Colleagues,

Someone asked what Harnessing Technology to Serve Adult Literacy looks like, so below I have included screen shots of the front page and one of a disabilities page problem and technology solution. There are many more technology solutions on this page suggested to address the problem!

Please consider contributing a problem and at least one technology solution here, or email it to me, with:

  • The name of the product, tool, hardware, software, etc.
  • A web address or other way to learn more about and access it
  • A brief description, for example of how you have used it, or how it could be used to solve the problem you have described.
  • Your name, role, organization, city/town, state or province, if not in the U.S. -- country, and email address.

If I get your problem and solution(s) in the next two weeks, I will send you the web address for the recently updated Harnessing Technology to Serve Adult Literacy web pages, and I will consider adding your problem and solution there. If I do add it, of course I will credit you.


David J. Rosen


Harnessing Technology front page



Harnessing Technology  Webpage Table of Contents

Disabilities Problem and Technology Solution