Tips and Tricks for Creating Accessible Content

Online webinar

2020 has shown us that the virtual learning is not going anywhere any time soon. So, web content accessibility is more important than ever. There are some tricks of the trade that can improve the accessibility of content you create today using Microsoft Office Suite, GSuite, or Adobe PDF. During this webinar you will learn some of the basics for creating accessible content like: adding alt text to images, using good color contrast, creating a good heading system, and using descriptive hyperlinks.


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During the session participants will learn:
How to add alternative text to images
What constitutes good color contrast
How to properly establish a heading system within documents
How to create and the reason for descriptive hyperlinks.

Presented by:
- Everett Deibler, RAISE Center Youth Coordinator. Everett has his MA in Special Education and Human Development for George Washington University and currently works as a Learning Specialist with a focus on Accessibility at Lehigh Carbon Community College.
- Cheryl Thompson, Mentor Coordinator at Missouri Parents Act (MPACT)