Mentoring as a Tool for Change: The RAMP Project

Zoom (Synchronous) + Asynchronous follow-up Discussion

January is National Mentoring Month! To acknowledge and celebrate the mentor-mentee relationship, we are hosting combined synchronous and asynchronous events to discuss the Ready to Achieve Mentoring Project (RAMP)

RAMP’s work is focused around mentoring transition-age youth with disabilities.  RAMP participants will be sharing the mentoring model(s) used in this project to help adult educators think about opportunities for embedding meaningful mentoring opportunities to support adult learners with disabilities in both academic and career pursuits.  

The synchronous event will be held over Zoom, on Thursday, January 20th, 2022, from 2:30-4.

Registration is required.  Click this hyperlink to register today!

The asynchronous discussion will be held in the Disabilities & Equitable Outcomes Community, immediately following the Zoom session with our invited guests, and will continue through Friday, January 21st.  Be sure to join us here for this conversation and to share your comments, questions, and experiences with mentoring adult learners.