Assessed Skills and Skill Use of Adults with Learning Disabilities in PIAAC

Online webinar

Presenter: Margaret Becker Patterson, Research Allies for Lifelong Learning
Discussant: Laura Weisel, The TLP Group: PowerPath to Education & Employment – Align & Redesign

Moderator: Stephanie Cronen, American Institutes for Research 

What are the numeracy and digital problem-solving skills of U.S. adults with learning disabilities (LD)? How do adults with LD use their skills at work and at home? How do their skills compare with the skills of general population? What is the role of co-existing health and disabling conditions (e.g., vision and auditory difficulties as well as permanent disability)?

Please join us on February 10th, 2022, for a presentation and discussion on findings from a recent Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) research paper authored by Margaret Patterson. Using the combined 2012/14/17 U.S. PIAAC data of over 12,000 participants, Margaret explored the relationships between several demographic characteristics, skill levels, and skill use of U.S. adults with LD in different settings and employment status.

Approximately 9.4% of adults reported having LD. While adults with LD may have a desire to learn and strengthen their skills, the rates of uncompleted education are high among this demographic. Findings suggest that using numeracy skills and digital literacy skills matter in gaining – or keeping – the skills themselves. Knowing relationships of assessed skills with skill use for this population may help in identifying strategies educators can implement to support adult program completion. In addition, the author states that having this knowledge can be beneficial to employers, and policy makers as it can identify strategies to best assist adults with LD.

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