DEIA - What's the Buzz and How Do We Start?

Online webinar

This webinar will introduce workforce entities to the importance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA), including how to start taking actions, and will generate excitement for upcoming topics in the series (i.e., high quality jobs, equity data, and outreach strategies for marginalized populations). Innovative DEIA strategies from local workforce boards and/or workforce entities will also be shared.


This webinar will introduce workforce development boards to the importance of DEIA and highlight innovative DEIA strategies from local workforce boards or entities. Learning objectives include:

  • Introduction to DEIA challenges and opportunities in an equitable economic recovery
  • Resources available and Initial steps to take in addressing DEIA challenges in your area
  • Peer examples of innovative DEIA strategies
  • Information regarding upcoming related DEIA webinars

There will also be 3-4 polls to gauge if the audience already has specific DEIA policies in place, if they conduct DEIA training, and to assess top DEIA priorities that workforce entities most need information on.

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Renata Adjibodou – Acting Regional Administrator, Employment and Training Administration (ETA)


Sheba Rivera – Director, Third Sector
Chelsea Haley – Manager, Third Sector
Dennis Williamson - Director of Workforce Development, Western Arkansas Planning & Development
Mireya Reith, Director of Arkansas United, Arkansas United