Creating Accessible and Inclusive Learning Coffee Break: Reflections and Looking Ahead to 2024

Online webinar

As we prepare to wind down 2024, join us to reflect upon your work to serve all learners in your program. What worked well and what could be improved upon as you move into 2024? Come to hear from others about their successes and challenges and share your own. Let's share our resources to make 2024 even more accessible for adult learners!

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Hi Michael,

In the Coffee Break, you had asked what trainings we'd be interested in for the coming year.  I'd be interested in learning how other programs help students apply for test accommodations.  Our biggest challenge is getting the appropriate documentation, particularly for students who were not on an IEP or 504 in high school.  


Thank you, Nakita, for suggesting this as a topic for us to explore in 2024.    It's one that I think is possible and may speak to a lot of adult educators trying to support learners who don't come from K-12 with documentation.   I plan to work with the Program Management group to develop an event in the new year.  

I invite anyone with experience - whether good, or less than good - with helping learners apply for test accommodations to reach out to Kathy Oleson-Tracey and me to talk more about your experience.  This will help us best plan the event to address your questions and experiences.


Mike Cruse