Discussion in Reading & Writing CoP on August 27 -- Writing Effective Claims for HSE essays

Some members will be interested in checking out this discussion planned for next week!

On Thursday August 27th, the Reading and Writing Community will have a one-day discussion with professional developer Susan Pittman about writing effective claims for high school equivalency argument essays.  We will explore such questions as:

  • Why is the claim so important in writing high school equivalency argumentative essays?
  • What strategies can we use to teach students how to write an effective claim?

If you have a question for Susan, please feel free to submit it to the discussion.

BIO: Susan Pittman is an experienced adult educator and nationally recognized trainer. She specializes in providing professional development for teachers who work with Adult Basic Education and Adult Secondary level students. Susan is the CEO of E-Learning Connections, Inc, an educational consulting firm that she started in 2001.